Winning Online Roulette

  • Jul 23, 2021

Online4casino is a table based game and is played on a wheel divided into several numbered sections. The game starts by revolving this wheel and dropping a ball upon it. Players lay bets on the number(s) on which the ball would fall. Continue reading this guide to understand how to win this game.

Understanding Online Roulette

The Roulette wheel is divided into 37 sections from 0 to 36. There is also a roulette betting table that lists down all the numbers and their groupings. These groupings and numbers are associated with various bets and payouts. In online Roulette , there are two kinds of bets- Inside and Outside. Continue reading.

  1. Create your account only on licensed online casinos

Inside bets are laid on individual numbers and have very low odds but very high payouts. In a Straight Bet, you lay bets on any individual number; the payout is 35:1. This payout is reduced to 17:1 in Split betting where you place best on any two numbers. There are other Inside Bets too.

Other Inside bets

Street betting pays 11:1, and here you stake on 3 numbers. The payout in a Corner Bet is 8:1; here you place bets on 4 numbers. In Six line best, the payout is 5:1 and you lay bets on 6 numbers. American Roulette has an additional slot for 00, so it has a special bet having 6:1 payout.

If you are a newbie, avoid placing Inside bets as the accompanying odds are very low. It's better to place Outside bets that have higher odds but lower payouts. Please note that the Inside odds values are slightly different in American Roulette. The payouts, accordingly, are also slight different. Continue reading this article.

Outside Bets in online Roulette

These best are placed on the number combinations located on the outside part of the betting table. Compared to Inside bets, these have higher odds but very low payouts. Some of these bets are Color Betting, High or Low betting, and Even or Odd Betting. All these Outside bets have payouts of 1:1.

There are other Outside Bets too and those have higher payouts. These are Dozen and Column Betting. The payouts in these bets are 2:1. In Dozen betting, you place bets on the 1st 12 numbers, 2nd twelve numbers and so on. Column betting involves staking on 12 numbers. Continue reading this article on online Roulette.

How to win on online Roulette?

First, locate an online casino that is licensed. Online casinos that are approved have fair games, and are transparent in their business processes. These gambling websites list down all their bonus terms and conditions, and answer every question posed to them. Secondly, look for those tables that have the lowest Inside Bet limits.

  • Never wager on public WiFi

Secondly, never wager beyond your bankroll. Set up an upper limit for your gambling and never exceed that limit. If you are a new player, try learning roulette by playing demo games. You can also watch a few demo videos to master your game. Fourth, never gamble when drunk. Avoid alcohol as long as you are playing.

Online Roulette tips and tactics

Many pros deploy the Fibonacci strategy to win their game. This strategy follows the series 1,1,2,3,5,8, etc. The underlying assumption is that you will win your game in the future. But if you hit a losing streak, you risk losing all your bets, and that will drain away your money. There are other strategies too.

In the Martingale strategy, players double their bets every time they lose their bets. This tactic works only when you have a very high risk appetite. Some players prefer the Reverse Martingale strategy in which players halve their bets when they lose but double it on a win. Another strategy, the James Bond strategy has a 2/3 success rate.

How do win Online Roulette?